Easter and Jodie

Today is my wife’s birthday. It is a day that I am so grateful for. She is the love of my life. Her smile, captivates my heart:)
Being that today is also Easter Sunday, there will be no big birthday celebration for Jodie today.

It was her decision. As she has so gracefully done throughout our marriage, she unselfishly said that this day needed to be about Easter and not her.

On this special birthday as I think about Jodie, I thank God for a selfless woman. She has spent her adult life being the strength behind all that I do. The list to describe all that she does for our family is endless. She is simply amazing!

If you have the honor of knowing Jodie, then you know how honest and straight forward she is. If she is your friend, then you have found something very rare, a “true” friend!

The more birthdays that I celebrate with her, the more I realize how truly blessed I am to have Jodie as my wife! She is physically beautiful, but her greater beauty is what others sometimes never get the chance to see. Inside, she is the most beautiful person that I know.

So today I celebrate Easter and Jodie!

The Gift of Resurrection and the Gift of a great woman!

Happy Birthday Jodie!

I Love You


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000400415458 Cindy Bettenhausen

    This is a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday, though. Happy Birthday Jodie! and Happy Easter to you both!

  • Kevin

    Truly Incredible words! Happy Easter as well as Happy Birthday Jodie!

  • John Ng

    She is a special woman and you are a blessed man, my friend!

  • Nothing

    I’ve never celebrated my birthday, ever, and can’t accept birthday gifts. I must be the most selfless person on the planet.